Frito Pie – The Cooking Show

Farideh is whipping up a snack you shouldn’t only eat during football season: Frito Pie. This uniquely American dish isn’t a pie, but instead a bag of corn chips topped with chili and fixings like shredded cheese, sour cream, and jalapenos. Farideh’s recipe is for her favorite beef and bean chili that’s packed with flavor from green chilies, Mexican oregano, and a splash of beer. Normalize chili and enjoy this “pie” any time! Check out the recipe here: Read More

Hash Browns with Joshua Weissman | Quarantine Cooking

Chef and Youtuber @Joshua Weissman demonstrates how to make everyone’s favorite fast food hash browns at home. The key to this recipe is technique and three simple ingredients: russet potatoes, salt, and (lots of) duck fat. Joshua shows how to prep the potatoes and confit them so you can recreate the fast food breakfast experience in your kitchen. Check out the recipe here: Read More

Healthy Chocolate Almond Breakfast Donuts – Food Wishes

Eating donuts for breakfast isn’t a new thing, but eating donuts for breakfast that won’t eventually kill you is. These gluten-free, grain-free, low-carb, high-protein donuts might not be quite as sweet and decadent as regular donuts, but they sure beat the heck out of any of those supposedly healthy “breakfast bars.” Enjoy!... Read More

How A 50 Year Old Pho Recipe Ended Up In New Zealand

Try It Out is a three generation family owned and operated Vietnamese restaurant in Auckland, New Zealand. After arriving in Auckland as refugees from Vietnam in the 1980s, this family opened up Try It Out, a Southern Vietnamese restaurant in Otahuhu. To this day, this tight-knit family works together to serve some of the best Vietnamese dishes in Auckland, such as Bánh mì, spring rolls, summer rolls, and a 12-hour beef pho.... Read More