How to Make Spam-Filled Wontons | Quarantine Cooking

Chef Jenny Dorsey is at home making Spam wontons, a snackable treat filled with Chinese flavors. Jenny uses Spam from her pantry to make a rich filling, along with leeks, maitake (hen-of-the-wood) mushrooms, Chinese celery, and shepherd’s purse greens. She demonstrates how to wrap a wonton and makes a flavor-packed chili oil sauce to put on top. Check out the recipe here: Read More

Creamy Cod & Potato Gratin – Food Wishes

Creamed cod was one of my favorite childhood comfort foods, mostly because my mother served it over mashed potatoes, which was my favorite childhood food of any type. This version is a little fancier than my mom’s, but still very easy, and can be done in individual portions, or in one large casserole dish. Enjoy! ... Read More

Skater By Day, Chef By Night

Whether she’s on the board or in the kitchen, Sam Narvaez operates with a level of drive that only a select few are born with. And you need that determination when you grow up skating in Key Largo; a tiny island off of Florida’s southern coast about an hour’s drive south of Miami. Sam carries that outlook with her off the board, and into the culinary world, where she’s fast becoming an accomplished young chef.... Read More

WandaVision: How Monica Rambeau Connects to MCU Phase 4 | MCU Canon Fodder

The MCU is back! WandaVision is poised to drop its first episode on Disney Plus and already we’re breaking down the connections to wider MCU. This time we turn our sights to Monica Rambeau the one-time Captain Marvel in the comics. Monica Rambeau appeared as a child in Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel and now MCU mastermind Kevin Feige says she’ll play a part in the MCU’s Phase 4 in Captain Marvel 2. So who is Monica Rambeau and why is she stuck in Wanda and Vision’s weird alternate reality? IGN host Mx Scoville breaks down the connections in this episode of MCU Canon Fodder. Excelsior!... Read More