Tom Nelson on Creating NRE, Crashing in Iceland, and the Artistry of Engine Building | Hot Rod Pod

NHRA’s Brian Lohnes and HOT ROD Magazine’s John McGann chat with Nelson Racing Engines Founder, Tom Nelson! Tom takes us through the highs and lows of his career, telling never-before-heard stories like putting Twin Turbos in an airboats, and plummeting off 50-foot cliffs in Iceland! The guys talk to Tom about the genesis of Nelson Racing Engines,, how the show “Driven” got started, the formula off-roading crash in Iceland, reevaluation after the crash, the artistry of engine building, the F-Bomb ’73 Camaro, Tuatara, 2019 Ridler Award, and why we’re in the wild west era of HOT RODDING! Learn more HERE ➡️ Read More

First Drive – Porsche’s Record Breaking 911 | MotorTrend

22,093 feet above sea level – no car has ever gone higher. On 2 December, racing driver Romain Dumas and Porsche set a new world record, taking two modified Porsche 911s to the peak of the Ojos del Salado volcano in Chile – the farthest above sea level that a land vehicle has ever been.
The whole record was achieved with the cars running on fully sustainable eFuels, but as Road Test Editor Joe Berry found out when he was invited by Porsche to drive the cars, that is just the beginning of this amazing story. Learn more HERE ➡️ Read More