2011 Volkswagen Jetta SEL Review, Walkaround, Exhaust, & Test Drive

In Volkswagen’s quest for higher sales numbers, the company has decided to give us a bigger, cheaper, and more spacious Jetta for 2011. It may not be what the VW faithful wanted, but American consumers seemed to have responded well, with it quickly becoming the brands best-selling model. We especially like the 2013 updates, if you’re in the market for a compact sedan with a large back seat and baby Audi-looks, make sure you check one out. Although, we would advise you to avoid the base Jetta S trim.... Read More

Cosmic Collisions: Different Stages in Collisions Between Galaxies

An image of a galaxy collision captures only one stage of billion-year-long collision process. This visualization of a galaxy collision shows the entire collision sequence, and compares the different stages of the collision to different interacting galaxy pairs observed by NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope. With this combination of research simulations and high resolution observations, these titanic crashes can be better understood.... Read More

تجربة فولفو اس 80 قيادة حسن كتبي جدة

تجربة فولفو اس 80 قيادة حسن كتبي جدة
سيارة التجربة محركها سلندر 1600 سي سي 180 حصان ويوجد 6 سلندر 3200 سى سى 300 حصان توين توربو دفع امامي او رباعي الاسعار من 136الف ريال الى 209 الف ريال (واحدة من اكثر السيارات امانا على الارض) بأذن الله
Volvo S80 Test Drive by Hasan Kutbi Jeddah Saudi Arabia... Read More