LA’s Only Garifuna Food Truck – Street Food Icons

Winston Miranda is the chef behind Saraba, the only Garifuna food truck in Los Angeles, and one of the only Garifuna restaurants in all of the US. Winston’s passion and pride lies in the cuisine of the Garifuna people, the descendants of Africans and Arawaks originally from the Caribbean island of St. Vincent. The Garifunas were exiled to the Honduran coast in the eighteenth century and many later settled in Belize. Winston serves curried chicken, oxtail, fried fish, hudut, plantains and more. A former pro soccer player, Winston devoted his later years to the culinary arts and hopes that his daughter will one day have the same passion he has for making Garifuna food.... Read More

Hot and Sour Soup – Food Wishes

I was going to say this fast, and easy to make hot and sour soup is “better than take-out,” but in fairness, I have no idea how good your friendly neighborhood Chinese restaurant is. So, I’ll just say that in my experience, this soup is way better than the typical offering, and can be customized to your tastes. Enjoy! ... Read More