The Ultimate CHEF SKILLS Challenge: TECHNIQUE | SORTEDfood

On our quest to discover if our normal homecooks Mike, Jamie and Barry are learning from their chaotic cooking battles over the years, we’ve put them to the test to see who has the most promising chef potential in our new series, The Ultimate Chef Skills Challenge! Today, it’s all about their technique. With all kinds of skills badges up for grabs, who’ll be crowned our winner at the end of the year?... Read More

Make Takeout-Style Egg Rolls

Lucas Sin of Junzi Kitchen and Nice Day Chinese Takeout is in the Munchies Test Kitchen making his take on an iconic takeout dish: Chinese-American restaurant-style egg rolls. Lucas pays homage to the mighty egg roll with this step-by-step recipe that includes store-bought egg roll skins and DIY duck sauce and spicy mustard. Lucas demonstrates how to make the egg roll filling with cabbage, carrots, and Chinese celery, plus a mixture of ground pork and shrimp, and explains the importance of double-frying. Check out the recipe here: Read More

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