How To Make Cheesy Enchiladas With Alan Delgado

Alan Delgado of Oxomoco and Xilonen in NYC is making enchiladas the way his mom taught him. Alan’s simple and rich enchiladas feature a sauce made with roasted tomatoes, garlic, and onions, plus three different kinds of chiles. He dips corn tortillas into the red sauce and fills each with a mixture of cheese and diced onions. He finishes the dish with a vinegary slaw made with carrots and cabbage. Check out the recipe here: Read More

Homemade Focaccia With Melissa Weller | Quarantine Cooking

Melissa Weller, pastry chef and author of “A Good Bake,” makes easy, customizable focaccia at home. She starts by making a poolish, a fermentation starter that adds flavor, and then finishes the dough with AP flour, water, yeast, and salt, before letting it rest for a couple of hours. After the dough has rested, Melissa stretches and dimples her focaccia dough before topping it. She tops the focaccia with leftover cheeses and vegetables, bacon, and cream before baking it to a crispy golden perfection. Right before serving, she generously grates Parmigiano Reggiano over the focaccia. Check out the recipe here: ... Read More

Top 10 Most Complimented Cheap Fragrances

Best Cheap Fragrances for Men
#9 Bentley for Men INTENSE:
#8 Mont Blanc Individuel:
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#6 Salvatore F BLACK:
#5 Costume National HOMME:
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#3 Nautica Voyage:
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#1 Halloween Man X: Read More