Why The PS5 Reveal Has Put All the Pressure Back on Microsoft | IGN Opinion

Last week Sony went all-in on their PS5 reveal event and dropped a ton of PS5 news. Announcements included PS5 games and our first look at the PS5 design. Before the PS5 reveal, Microsoft had built up a lot of hard-earned momentum with the Xbox Series X. So the question for team Xbox becomes, “Now What?”

The Xbox Series X vs PS5 debate still rages on and while Xbox Series X may have lost this battle, they certainly haven’t lost the next gen war.

Graphics- PS5 vs Xbox Series X

Back in December, the Xbox Series X reveal finally gave us a look at the console, but it would take until March for Microsoft to reveal the Xbox Series X specs. That turned out to be a win for Xbox, since, at least on paper, it beats the PS5 specs in raw power. But that doesn’t mean the Playstation 5 doesn’t have any aces up its sleeve. The PS5 ssd is one of the main reasons loading screens could be a thing of the past and why those ps5 gameplay trailers had such mind-blowing location changes (looking at you Ratchet and Clank). Unfortunately, it has been difficult for fans to get a look at the Xbox Series X graphics because Microsoft has been playing that Xbox Series X gameplay footage pretty close to the vest. Yes, some of the Xbox Series X games the console will launch with were announced, but the Xbox series X trailer (s) were light on the Xbox Series X gameplay.

Price- Xbox Series X Price vs PS5 price

Unfortunately, neither Playstation nor Xbox has announced the price of their systems. Since neither company wants to announce first, it could come down to the wire on who will or if Microsoft or Sony will undercut each other.

Xbox Series X Exclusives vs PS5 Exclusvies

While Sony’s Playstation 5 has announced monster PS5 exclusives like the Miles Morales Spider-Man game and Horizon II Forbidden West, Microsoft has been a little light on that front. Xbox Series X exclusives include Scorn and Halo Infinite. But will that be enough?