How to Survive in The Walking Dead

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After narrowly escaping a swarm of walkers, a group of survivors come upon a nice clearing of land to catch their breath and plan their next move. However, they also find out that they are in the middle of a Walking Dead scenario, which doesn’t bode well for their survival. Will they beat the odds and continue to make wise life or death decisions? Or will they fall prey to the poor survival mistakes that so many Walking Dead characters have made before them.

Jude Lanston as Jude (​)
Kelly Sparrman as Kelly (​)
Kristen Brancaccio as Kristen (
Michael Adams Davis as Davis
David Odom as Odom

Written by Michael Adams Davis and Michael Schroeder
Directed by Michael Schroeder
Produced by Brian Fisher
Cinematography by Mitch Anderson
Makeup by Ashley Aldridge & Mel Aksamit
Wardrobe Stylist – Lena Frostestad
Sound Mixer – Patrick Joyner
Props and Key Grip – Taylor Frost
Grip – Joey Kramer
Location Manager – Chase Zacha
Edited by Chance Cole
VFX by Richard Cabrera of Romthirty VFX –
Epic Walking Dead Survivors Narrator voice – Jon Bailey –​

Brian Fisher
Lena Frostestad
Joey Kramer
Conor Holt
Taylor Frost

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Michael Adams Davis (
Brian Fisher (
David Odom (
Michael Schroeder (
Ryan Tellez (

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