What will be the best Live Action Disney Film? – MOVIE FIGHTS!

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Hector Navarro (Geek + Sundry, ScreenJunkies’ Knocking Dead, Superhero News), John Rocha (Jedi Alliance), and Jeff Cannata (DLC and We Have Concerns Podcasts) fight this week’s topics:

Pick your FIGHT below! ▼▼

0:03:12 – Round 1) What will be the best movie of Summer 2016?

0:16:31 – Round 2) Which of Disney’s upcoming live action films will be the best?

0:32:26 – Round 3) – James Cameron is signing up for 4 more “Avatars” – audiences don’t seem thrilled – pitch the way to get us excited about these sequels

0:49:22 – Round 4) What franchise, that hasn’t already crossed over, should crossover with “Alien”?

1:05:49 – Round 5) What movie would make for the best series of novels?

1:21:58 – SPEED ROUND

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