Top 10 Olympic Controversies – Best of WatchMojo

Top 10 Olympic Controversies: Best of WatchMojo
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Considering that the modern Olympic Games have been held for over a century now, it’s not surprising that there have been numerous controversies from year to year. Of course, we can’t cover all of them in one Top 10 list, but do know that we read your comments! Roy Jones Jr.’s awarding of the silver medal in 1988, Marion Jones’ confession of steroid use in 2000, and Lance Armstrong’s posthumous stripping of his 2000 bronze medal could have all been mentioned. But of course, if still don’t agree with this list, then you can always head on over to the Suggest Page and vote: And one small note about #4: since this video was published back in 2016, the feature-length film that was then in the works, has now obviously been produced and was released theatrically as “I, Tonya” in December 2017.

The Olympics have been host to some of the most incredible feats of athleticisms in the history of sports, but also a slew of shocking controversies that have each rocked the sporting world. Controversies including Boris Onishchenko’s cheating scandal, Jim Thorpe’s questionable disqualification, the displacement of 1.5 million people in Beijing, a bloody water polo match between the Hungarian and Soviet teams, Ben Johnson being caught for doping, the infamous Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan fiasco, the U.S. Boycotts of the Moscow Olympics, Tommie Smith and John Carlos’ podium black power salute, and the Nazi Olympics have remained on the minds of fans ever since they were initially reported. But which was the most controversial and left the largest impact on the games?

#10: Boris Onishchenko’s Magic Épée (1976)
#9: Jim Thorpe’s Disqualification (1912)
#8: Displacement in Beijing (2008)
#7: ‘Blood in the Water’ Match (1956)
#6: Russian Doping Scandal (2014-)
#5: Ben Johnson Doping (1988)
#4: Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan (1994)
#3, #2, #1????

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