Top 10 Genius Hacks For Lazy Parents

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Top 10 Genius Hacks For Lazy Parents
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s doesn’t mean you should give up on your DIY projects, just… re-focus them. From cardboard seat dividers, to making cleaning into a game, to using a laundry basket at bath time, these hacks will save you time and money. WatchMojo counts down ten genius hacks for lazy parents.

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#10. Cardboard Car Seat Dividers
#9. Make Cleaning into a Game!
#8. Use a Laundry Basket to Keep Bath Toys from Floating Away
#7. Inflatable Pool Baby Play Area
#6. Hang a Fort with a Hula Hoop & Bed Sheet
#5. Coffee Cup Lid DripCatcher for Popsicles
#4. Fitted Sheet Portable Playpen for the Beach
#3, #2 & #1???

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