This Is How One Fortnite Squad Absolutely Destroyed The World Record

How Did This Fortnite Battle Royal Squad Destroy The New World Record???

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Whenever you drop-in as part of a Fortnite squad it may seem like things will be easier. Maybe even so much, the Fortnite squad record could be attainable? But not so fast- you need to have several plans and strategies in place. Otherwise the Fortnite kill record isn’t even close to possible. A Fortnite record WAS accomplished by a group of 4 Australian guys in October of 2018. This world record was hard fought. 61 kills in total actually. Fortnite battle royale doesn’t make it easy to get the most kills in a regular match, let alone the most squad kills or the record. Funny Fortnite videos come and go, but crazy Fortnite videos like this are one in a million!

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