The WAN Show – Yahoo! Blocks Adblock Users, Oculus Makes Women Sick – Nov 27, 2015


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Timestamps courtesy of Sam Tilling (IPickle), Ghost, JJMC89 & Brandon Axtmann

00:09:38 Nvidia cutting prices on entire 900 series for the holidays
00:13:20 AMD cutting prices on R9 series including Fury X, Fury, and Nano
00:17:20 Li-Fi Internet
00:26:35 Twitter Blitz
00:30:39 Amazon backtracks after covering NYC subway car in Nazi symbols
00:40:07 Samsung’s latest PM863 3D TLC SSD owns it
00:49:28 Toddler’s eyeball sliced in half by drone propeller
00:51:03 Meet the new Raspberry Pi Zero
00:52:40 Yahoo stops some users accessing emails while using ad-blockers
00:56:30 More women than men get motion sickness with the Oculus Rift
01:02:30 Sony is working on a PS4 Remote Play app for PC and Mac
01:05:02 EA is planning more Battlefront games
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