THE SNACK RAP ft. Mix Master Meat (Hot Pockets Snack Bites Song)

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Mix Master Meat and Meat Oaf team up to bring you tasty rap about Hot Pocket Snack Bites and why the best things come in small sizes.

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Davis as The Hungry Guy
Schroeder as Meat Oaf
Odom as Bass Player
Joe Bereta as Guitar Player
Ryan as Mix Master Meat

Directed by Ryan Turner
Written by Ryan Tellez
Produced by Richard Lloyd-George
Music Produced by Peter De Leon
Vocals Recorded byTJ Smith (
Edited by Shawn Lebert

(Chorus 1)
Hold it right there, son
I overheard your plight
When you said you were hungry
Lucky I was nearby
Cause I’ve got bite-sized snacks
That should more than satisfy
But I think it’s bet-ter, if you get it
From an aptly sized guy

(Verse 1)
I heard that tummy grumblin’, you don’t gotta ask twice
I got your answers in these Hot Pockets Snack Bites
You wanna snack right? Here’s a little tip
You can’t be satiated just from pretzels or chips
Check me and these masterful feats
We pack the same great flavor in a snackable treat
They call me Mix Master Meat and mini is my signature
And this is one example of the awesomeness of miniature

It’s the little guy, taking over the establishment
I’m the boss and my style is micromanagement
But after long work days, I’m feeling weary
So I kick back with a snack and watch a mini series
Yes it’s true, always better to be small
That’s why I’m always under par at mini golf
And at the minimall I get all the best prices
No excess until it comes to shirt sizes
I rep mini from Rhode Island to the Vatican
And Singapore and Monaco and Tuvalu and back again
Less is more, even history’s been adamant
Napoleon’s empire didn’t happen just by accident
Small things pick you up when you’re grumpy
Like a couple kittens or some Dachshund puppies
And you would be hard pressed to show me
If there’s anything cuter than a Shetland pony

(Chorus 2)
I feel like this is (now)
A real good place for me
To drive home your points
With a catchy melody
He’s saying small does not
Mean you won’t be satisfied
They can still, pack a punch, and you’ll never ever
Have to compromise

(Verse 2)
I even hate long speeches, brevity is better
I keep the talk small and I chat about the weather
Life’s too short, you can’t waste that time
That’s why I read poems: they’re small books that rhyme
You know that all my favorite words are contractions
And when it comes to math my favorite numbers are fractions
I shorten the names of everyone who knows me
Ask my three buddies Timmy, Tom, and Tony
I even write my raps out in lower case
Cause I’m all about consolidating time and space
And speaking of space, have you looked up at the stars
And thought about how small all of us really are?
It’s easy to compare this to being insignificant
But you can’t forget: we’re each unique and different
It’s a blessing and not at all a curse
To be a tiny part of this enormous universe

(Chorus 3)
I feel like you got
Just a little off base, and whi-ile
I don’t disagree with you
That being small is great
I need you to wrap, this, up
Cause I feel unsatisfied
Could you just, make your point, so we can now,
Get back to Snack Bites

(Verse 3)
It don’t matter if you’re atheist or spiritual
To know that every living thing is practically a miracle
When you break it down, we can think of ourselves
As genetically produced amalgamations of cells
Made of molecules that are made of even smaller atoms
Made of subatomic particles colliding all at random
Theoretically comprising of vibrating strings of energy
Physically dividing what’s perceived and what can never be

(Chorus 4)
We sure learned a lot
‘Bout the grand scale of life,
But there is no denying here
That Hot Pockets Snack Bites
Are very much warm and delicious
And still pack great taste
All in spite, of their size, realize
That’s all we’re trying to say

– The Warp Zone –
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