The Scariest Things To Ever Happen On Fortnite Battle Royale


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Fortnite is the world’s hottest game, but with Halloween coming up, we think it may also be one of the spookiest.

This is TheGamer’s list of The Scariest Thing To Ever Happen On Fortnite Battle Royale.

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While Fortnite Battle Royale seems to be a lighthearted take on the genre popularised by PUBG, with Halloween around the corner, we couldn’t help but notice some times when it got a little bit scary and we’re going to tell you about them!

Fans of super scary film The Conjuring will be in for a treat of sorts when they see how someone was scuttling around like a character in the movie. There’s also cases of unnerving coincidence, including one involving top Fortnite player Tenser and a llama. Season Six was the time when things got extra creepy with Gargoyles and Cube Monsters, not Zombies, according to Epic Games, located around the map. Fans of the Marvel Universe will see Thanos and Venom make an appearance and there are scary sound effects, an unnerving set of glowing eyes and much more. Thanks for watching and make sure you subscribe to TheGamer for more awesome Fortnite videos!


Script by: Peter Henn

Voice Over by: Grant Kellett

Edited by: Muhamed Poric

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