The Corridor Contest! Giveaways, challenges, and prizes for our 2nd channel!

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Challenge rules!

There are 3 contests we’re holding, and you can enter all 3! Prizes will be given for each! THE DEADLINE FOR ALL 3 IS APRIL 21ST, 2011, 11:59PM PST! Winners will be announced soon after. Contest is open for ALL COUNTRIES.

_____1) Second Channel Subscriber Contest._____

We will pick 3 random subscribers from our new second channel and give away prizes to each. All you need to do is subscribe to, and you’re automatically entered!

_____2) VFX Challenge_____

Create an awesome 30 second video using pre-keyed greenscreen clips that we provide (below) and upload it to YouTube. You must use at least one of these clips in your movie, you don’t have to include all of them. Once uploaded, fill out the form that will require you to provide a link to your video. Use anything you want, and submit as many as you want!

Clip Download Link: or

Video Submission Link:

_____3) Facebook Photo War_____

Make an awesome and/or hilarious photo that has something to do with Corridor Digital. It can be from our videos, something we’ve done, or just us! Use anything you want, and submit as many as you want!

To submit the photo, go to our Facebook page ( ), like our page, then upload your photo to our wall!


That’s it!

Don’t forget to use the CORRIDOR coupon code at for 15% off. This is good for the month of April.

Machinima and kick ass, but you should know that by now.

Music in this video is a song we wrote called the Two Fifteen. We’ll be putting it up on iTunes in a few days if you guys would like to have it.