The 5 Best And 5 Worst Things Deadpool Has Ever Done

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Deadpool is, without a doubt, one of Marvel’s most popular characters – and with good reason! Ryan Reynolds has helped to raise his profile, with two brilliant live action big screen portrayals of the character, but he was already popular with comic book fans.

He’s hilarious and he’s an insanely skilled mercenary – but he’s also morally ambiguous, which means he’s done both bad and good things over the years.

In this video, we’ll look at some of the best and worst things he’s ever done – both in comics and in the movies – putting a mix of both serious and funny stuff together.

Be warned: This contains a spoiler for Deadpool 2, so don’t watch the video or read any more of this text if you don’t want to know what happened.

The best things he’s done are; won Death’s affections at the expense of Thanos, took the Iron Man armour for a joyride, killed three bad guys with a single bullet, wore the Infinity Gauntlet (and used it), and regenerated from ash.

The worst things he’s done are; peed himself at a bar after his girlfriend died in Deadpool 2, been beaten up by Squirrel Girl, killed Phil Coulson, used his own daughter Eleanor as bait, and killed the entire Marvel universe!

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1. Best: Won Death’s affections ahead of Thanos
2. Worst: Peed himself at a bar
3. Best: Took the Iron Man armour for a joyride
4. Worst: Got his butt kicked by Squirrel Girl
5. Best: Killed three bad guys with one bullet
6. Worst: Killed Phil Coulson
7. Best: Wore the Infinity Gauntlet
8. Worst: Used his own daughter as bait
9. Best: Regenerated from ash
10. Worst: Killed the Marvel Universe

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