Tfue Lands Impossible Mid Air Trick Shot (Fortnite Trick Shot Compilation)

Fortnite trickshot compilation featuring Tfue.
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TFue and trick shots go together perfectly. When you get Fortnite Battle Royale players this impressive, it’s hard to imagine ever getting this good. Impossible shots seem like something only pros do- and in most cases its right! This compilation right before season 7 will show you tricks both old and new- from the likes of LazarBeam, CourageJD, DrLupo, Ninja, and a lot more. Maybe if you watch you will learn a thing or two with us here at TheGamer!


Script, Voice Over, & Edit:
Wes Beach (@MrWesBeach)

Footage Used:

TFue –

Ninja –


DrLupo –

FAZE Cizzorz –

LazarBeam –




NICK EH 30 –

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