In honor of Injustice 2, Superman returns to the pop culture scene with an epic rap song to show this modern generation what’s up!
Thanks to EpicLLOYD from ERB for playing Lex Luthor!
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SUPERMAN RAP (Ft. EpicLLOYD of “Epic Rap Battles of History” …and Batman)

In response to Batman v Superman and in honor of the release of Injustice 2 and Wonder Woman this month, we wanted to make a rap to remind people how awesome and wholesome Superman really is! So listen up kids, to Supe Dogg, the OG DC superhero!


Superman – Ryan Tellez
Lex Luthor – Lloyd Ahlquist (
Batman – David Odom
Wonder Woman – Christina Calph ( /
Robin – Joven of Smosh Games (
Aquaman – Michael Adams Davis
Lois Lane – Sam Heilig (
Chef 1 and Grandma – Leah Catherine (
Chef 2 – Olivia Sui of Smosh (
Dinner Party Guest 1 – Cece De Mattos
Dinner Party Guest 2 and Bad Guy 2 – Brian Fisher
Bad Guy 1 – Taylor Frost

Written and Performed by Ryan Tellez

Directed by Michael Schroeder

Cinematography by Michael Schmidt

Editing and VFX by Chance Cole

Production Designer – Taylor Frost

Production Assistant – Carlos Leon

Makeup Artist – Leah Catherine

Produced by Brian Fisher and David Odom

Music Mixed by Paul Paramo

Beat produced by Allrounda

More about EPIC STUDIOS:
Lloyd Ahlquist (“Epic Lloyd”), best known as one half of the hugely popular, Emmy-nominated “Epic Rap Battles of History” series (2.5 billion+ lifetime views, 14M subs, 11 RIAA Gold Records), premieres his latest project, Epic Studios – a 13-episode scripted, comedy/music series on YouTube.

After a performance lion kills and eats his estranged, rockstar father, Lloyd inherits a failing recording studio in Toronto, Canada. Despite being saddled with an apathetic studio manager, a newly-discovered lunatic of a stepbrother, and a hipster receptionist that is too cool to work, Lloyd is determined to bring Epic Studios back to life.


Gonna start rapping now, better get used to it
I like that beat, what’s Supes gonna do with it

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! JK it’s just me
Supe Dogg in the house, DC’s OG
I be rappin’ on this beat like my enemies and bad dudes
Rhymes so tight like my fanny in my blue suit
Call me anytime, I ain’t hard to get
No signal in the sky, just call collect
I’ll be there faster than a bullet for whatever you need
Help your granny cross a street, save a kitten in a tree
I spit the hottest verses with the coldest of breath
I use my X-Ray vision to see all of the breasts
Of chicken cooked by women in a kitchen
At a 3 Star Michelin that’s a way to make a livin
Mother huggers I’m woke
Lois Lane’s the only broad that I poke
On Facebook, then she invites me to her place
To Netflix and chill, I’ll probably get to first base

Steppin’ outta solitude, head to toe in solid blue
Neither man nor steel, it’s a metaphor, you nincompoops
Yeah the S on my chest, symbolizes success, come on
For more Kal-el just say “heck yes!”

Comin straight outta Smallville with southern hospitality
Winning dinner parties with a charming personality
Servin’ up lemons square like my jawline
Washboard abs but it’s not my fault I’m
Naturally ripped, I still try to keep it tight
With a healthy diet, shun gluten like Kryptonite
And exercise doing laps round this world
At speeds you won’t believe yet no stress to my spit curl
And all my nemeses had best watch out
I got a Darkseid now, you could get knocked out
And if you’re out there doing crime, you’ll get wrecked, sir
I’ll make sure it shows up on your permanent record

Clark, you’re as soft as that cat up your tree
You’re no match for a criminal mind like me
So don’t flex on Lex or I’ll give you the whammy
Your booties, your bed sheet, and spandex jammies
That boy scout loyalty really fell through
You were America’s sweetheart until it couldn’t sell you
That’s capitalism and it’ll always live on
While all your fans are dead like your peeps on Krypton

_I got fans, call them my Super Friends
When we hang out there are always shenanigans
Aquaman’s cool he and I exchange fist bumps
Wonder Woman sees me every weekend at brunch
Of course, Batman I love that guy
He’s dark and mysterious and super fly
He’s the world’s best detective, plus he’s really fit
And all the ladies love him for his big fat…

(Batman Interrupts…)

Morality and chivalry, I got it on lock
And I f*** all the bitches with my alien c***

– The Warp Zone –