Signs Your Child is Depressed

As adults it’s our responsibility to give kids a safe space to talk.

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Bright and spacious child room idea
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angry bad boy behind an iron fence looks with hatred
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Mother and young daughter eating lunch and chatting at cafe
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Young Girl With Problems Talking To Counselor Shot On R3D
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closeup of mom with sick child in clinic waiting room
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Ordinary family of three with little daughter in cafe. Father and mother reassuring their child
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Angry young girl stomps around in her bedroom throwing, hitting and biting a stuffed animal
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Hispanic girl cries really emotional
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Attractive African-american family spending family time in a beautiful park
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Father And Daughter Take Selfie On Mobile Phone Lying On Bed
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Young boy stacking blocks
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Children Helping Parents To Prepare Meal In Kitchen
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Sick boy, lying in bed, mother checking his temperature and giving him medicine
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Mother and daughter sit together
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