QC#50 – Cryogenic Napalm

A chilling sub zero liquid that will stick to skin, and flash freeze a gummy worm in seconds.

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Music By:
Music by Jason Shaw (RP-Clattertrap)

Project Inspired By:

This experiment was inspired by Bill Beaty’s famous video http://bit.ly/IBPoorManLN2. If you check it out, tell him that Grant Thompson sent you.

WARNING: Dry Ice is extremely cold! (-78C/-109F) and can cause instant frost-bite to exposed skin. Isopropyl alcohol should never be ingested. Read all warning labels and be aware of all risks. This project should not be attempted without adult supervision and adequate training. Misuse, or careless use, may result in serious injury. Use of this video content is at your own risk.

Project History & More Info:

After I saw Bill’s video on making a poor man’s version of “liquid nitrogen” I tried it out for myself. I was successful in flash freezing orange slices, organic plants, and grapes.

It’s important to note that this is not real liquid nitrogen. This stuff is much more toxic and thickens to form a viscous syrup that sticks to the skin. I did try dipping my finger in it for a full second, and it is very cold, but it doesn’t bite as near as quickly as liquid nitrogen. But it does stick to the skin, so I just made sure to have a cloth nearby to wipe off with.

In my opinion, liquid nitrogen is much safer, even though it’s much much colder.

Bill’s version was a bit different, using plastic bottles to separate the dry ice from the alcohol. The thinking with that is good, but in my experience this didn’t really seem like a necessary step as long as there was enough free fluid to dunk the samples.

About a year ago I had filmed this demonstration smashing a slice of orange, and although the orange did smash like glass, it was difficult to tell in the video.

I re-filmed this demonstration from scratch, on my new work bench, but this time using gummy candy to show a bit more dramatic effect.

I was actually blown away by how these gummy worms shattered and blew pieces all over the room like exploding glass.

The gummy worms stayed frozen for quite a few minutes afterward, but when they finally thawed out, they left a sticky mess all around my work area.

I’d say it was worth it just to make you this video. I hope you like it!? 🙂