Our Place in the Stars

The video referenced in the lecture may be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GO5FwsblpT8

Our Place in the Stars
Amaya Moro-Martin of the Space Telescope Science Institute

What is our place in the stars? How did we get here? Are we alone? Dr. Amaya Moro-Martin will address these essential questions, which drive scientific and philosophical pursuits—and each new answer blossoms into yet more questions that seed further inquiries. This is a journey of self-discovery, full of wonders and wanderers, and makes us reflect on our role to enable exploration to continue.

Host: Dr. Frank Summers

Recorded live on Tuesday, February 5, 2019, at the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.A.

More information: http://hubble.stsci.edu/about_us/public_talks/