Ninja 1 VS 12 Clutch Victory Royale Win | Fortnite Clutch Moments Compilation

Fortnite clutch moments compilation featuring Ninja, Myth and other big streamers and youtubers!
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Ninja plus Fortnite Battle Royale equals clutch moments every time. Well, sometimes it equals controversy as well. But when impossible shots and luck collide, we end up with some crazy clips that make you realise how big the gap between regular no skin player and pro player really are. This compilation coming right before season 7 is full of amazing and fun clips. And each and everyone comes with a guaranteed victory royale. Totally clutch across the board, and we get to sees a win from Daquan, Myth, Dakotaz, and tons more.


Script, Voice Over, & Edit:
Wes Beach (@MrWesBeach)

Footage Used:

Fortnite Fall Skirmish Week 4

ProHenis (Youtube)

Oohami (Youtube)

PostboxPat (Youtube)

TSM_Hamlinz- Twitch

TSM_Myth- Twitch

Dakotaz- Youtube

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