A day in the less than amazing life of John Spiderman
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JOHN SPIDERMAN (Parody) – The Warp Zone

Before you see the new Spider-Man Homecoming movie, meet John Spiderman, your friendly neighborhood CPA. Forget high school, he’s got audits and taxes to worry about! Watch a normal day in his life as co-workers harass and ridicule him for his uncanny resemblance to the famous superhero Spider-Man. But, he doesn’t see it. To him, he’s just an average guy trying to get by like everybody else… though if the real Spider-Man wore a mustache, a coat, and glasses, he’d pretty much look identical to John Spiderman…


Ryan Tellez – John Spiderman
Josh Mattingly – Captain America
Joshua Ovenshire – Thug #1
Flora Gignac – Mugged Woman #1
Rebecca Doyle – Mugged Woman #2
David Odom – Derek (Office Bully) / Thug #2
Michael Adams Davis – Bill (Coffee Question Guy)
Ryan Turner – Phil (Interrupted Urine Guy)
Nassim Nadery – Office Co-Worker
Susanne Morris – Office Co-Worker
Chris Reese – Office Co-worker
Brian Fisher – Office Co-worker

Directed by Ryan Turner

Cinematography by Michael Schmidt

Production Designer – Taylor Frost

Sound Mixer – Robben Fenderson

Edited by Jarrett Conaway, Michael Schroeder, & Michael Davis

Sound Editing – Ryan Tellez

Color and VFX – Brian Fisher

Produced by Brian Fisher and David Odom

– The Warp Zone –
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