Inside The Brilliant Mind Of Christopher Nolan

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Dreamworlds. Clown princes. World War II battles. The cinematic universe of visionary director Christopher Nolan. The famed director of such films like The Dark Knight and Inception is no stranger to big box office spectacles, but his movies go above and beyond common movie fare. Layered within each movie are detailed character studies, philosophies, and themes involving both external and internal worlds. The journey Nolan takes moviegoers on is complicated, well-thought out, and truly one of a kind. He is a filmmaker of a generation — but why do his films connect with audiences — why do people analyze several aspects of his movies — whether it’s a popcorn superhero movie or a trippy film about magicians. To understand the popularity of his movies, we have to step into the mind of Christopher Nolan — analyzing his characters, worlds, and what draws people in from all across the globe.

Catching up on the filmography of Christopher Nolan is a fairly easy task. Starting with his low-budget debut of The Following in 1998 — the director has only helmed a total of 10 films — and this includes the whole Dark Knight trilogy. While we would all love a new Christopher Nolan movie every year — time is clearly an important aspect in both the story and planning of his movies. He takes his time to develop the story, characters, and the fictional worlds they belong in. Compare this to other visionary directors and you’ll see how Nolan truly takes his time. Watch this incredible documentary that dives into the mind of Christopher Nolan!

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