Here’s How Margot Robbie’s Birds Of Prey Movie Changes The DCEU

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So, we’ve been given our first teaser for DC’s 2020 movie Birds of Prey.

It will be the eighth movie in the DCEU, a direct spin-off of 2016’s Suicide Squad movie, and will feature the titular all-female team of superheroines and anti-heroines.

At this moment, we know very little about it. We know the characters who’ll be appearing in it – but that’s pretty much it.

We do, however, have some thoughts about what it could mean for the DCEU going forward – some, in particular, that involve a certain Dark Knight.

To begin, we believe it could signal the introduction of more female characters AND more obscure characters (at least in terms of how unknown they are in mainstream pop culture circles) to the franchise.

But it could also mean that Ben Affleck’s Batman has lost his memory, retired or even died in the DCEU – because the Birds of Prey classically form when Batman’s no longer protecting Gotham City.

It might also see Gotham City become a safer and more desirable place, as the criminals who knew Batman would never kill them won’t be able to go about their evil business safe in that knowledge any longer.

It’s also bad news for Jared Leto’s Joker, because it means Harley Quinn’s leaving him behind – which could be symbolic of what the DCEU’s powers-that-be are doing to him in general.

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