Glass Fan Theories That Totally Change The Movie

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Like many of M. Night Shyamalan’s movies — people keep talking long after the credits are rolling — speculating on story, diving into the big twists, and starting all kinds of movie theories in the process. It’s no different in Glass — the “shattering” end to the unexpected Unbreakable trilogy. Check out some of the craziest fan theories from the movie — learn which ones actually make sense — and naturally we will be diving deep into a water tank of Glass, Split, and Unbreakable spoilers so be ready!

Nearly 19 years apart from Unbreakable — one of the hardest things to believe about Glass is that M. Night Shyamalan had this whole trilogy planned all along! Now whether things were adapted from small details and retconned into the story — or M. Night is a cinematic genius is a debate for another day, but there’s no denying all of the small details which help connect the whole trilogy together. One of the biggest theories to come from seeing Glass and Unbreakable is the setup of the final showdown between David Dunn and the Beast. The big lead-up to their fight could have been figured out years and years ago — just by looking at the cover of a comic book. The Slayer is clearly a hero with superhuman strength much like David and Jaguaro displays the characteristics of the Beast. Who can forget the scene in Glass when the Beasts runs on all fours across the hospital green. Clearly, M. Night has been setting up this story for years — using the comics as a look into the future. Watch to see all these theories and more!

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