Disney Theory: Was Frozen Created To Hide The Truth About Walt Disney?

Some fans think there might be a sinisterr motive behind the creation of the Disney movie Frozen! Subscribe to our channel: http://goo.gl/ho3Hg6

While the movie Frozen may seem like just an innocent Disney cartoon about two sisters named Elsa and Anna, some fans out there believe that the whole thing might actually be a complete conspiracy! For many years now, there have been rumours circling Walt Disney and the Disney corporation, that it seems like Disney might just want us all to forget. Rumours that Walt Disney actually had himself cryogenically frozen right before he passed away, so that he could be re-animated years later when medical science had advanced enough to wake him from his chilly slumber. While this has been disproven, some actually think that the movie Frozen was given its name so that when the words “Disney” and “Frozen” are Googled together, only the popular 2013 movie comes up, and the creepy rumours about Walt are buried forever. Sure, this all seems like a pretty far way to go to hide an old wives tale, but it might be possible! Disney definitely has the means, and their motive is right there! They go to all sorts of lengths in order to protect their squeaky clean, family friendly image, so rather than naming the movie Ice Queen or something else appropriate, why not name it Frozen and get the whole thing out of the way for good!? And it totally worked: when you google Disney and Frozen, there is no mention of the urban legend to be found. All you get are links to the sing-along version of Let It Go and compilations of Olaf’s best moments. Well played, Disney. Well played.

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