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How to get started with Samsung Gear 360

Capture your life in 360 degrees and experience the world in a whole new level, by simply putting Gear 360 in every moment of your life. Sync with the Galaxy S7, shoot everyday moments with your loved ones, and view it on the Galaxy S7 and Gear VR in 360 degrees. Enjoy an immersive 360 experience and discover a new world of 360 selfies! ... Read More

Samsung Galaxy A (2016): Camera

Samsung Galaxy A (2016) comes equipped with an enhanced camera system for both brighter and clearer photos and videos. This advanced system includes Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) to prevent image blurring, as well as a front and rear F1.9 lens to allow users to take the optimum photos in dark conditions.... Read More

“A Fighting Chance” by Morgan Neville: Documentary Short (2016)

Created in partnership with Academy Award® winning filmmaker Morgan Neville, “A Fighting Chance” tells the inspiring, untold stories of four Olympic Games hopefuls from around the world as they defy barriers and persevere through challenges to achieve their dreams of competing at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. Viewers will be taken on an emotive journey as they are exposed to the unexplored worlds of athletes from three diverse countries.... Read More