7 Serious Problems With The Emoji Movie

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When it comes to bad movies in 2017, The Emoji Movie is right up there as one of the worst. Concepts like this typically don’t work and this movie took things a little too far in trying to create an entertaining film. The movie has all sorts of problems, but there are seven glaring issues that cannot be ignored.

The whole journey of the film involves a mission to go the app known as Dropbox. Dropbox is made to feel like an Emoji heaven, but it feels like nothing more than a long advertisement. The Emoji process also makes no sense. Taking still pictures of the emojis to display on the phone is one of the most far-fetched things ever presented in a movie. The Hi-5 emoji is one of the film’s main characters, but also one of the more deeply disturbing parts of the movie. The film features the classic poop emoji, but it’s far beyond when the joke has worn off and is an embarrassment to the whole film. If the film feels like a noisy advertisement, well, it’s because that’s exactly what it is. There is a constant barrage of ads, including two games no one really plays anymore. The movie tries to make us care about the life of an Emoji, but there is a huge issue with the way phones and technology work. The Emoji tries to make light of Internet trolls, but really misses the whole concept all together and presents them as some old cliché which really takes away from the true issue.

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