Top 10 Times Family Guy Made Fun of Disney

The Simpsons has taken its shots at the Mouse, but that’s nothing compared to the times Family Guy made fun of Disney. We’ll be going over the moments from Family Guy that reference or mock Disney or Disney properties which, now that Disney owns Fox, includes the show itself! Having created a successful show around badgering others, it’s no wonder that Family Guy pokes fun at the House of Mouse. WatchMojo ranks the times Family Guy made fun of Disney. Are you suddenly in the mood for pie? Let us know in the comments!... Read More

Top 10 Disappointing Movies of 2019

With great expectations … comes serious disappointment. For this list, we’re looking at movies released in 2019 that fell woefully short of their own potential. To be clear, these movies aren’t necessarily the worst of the year. Rather, they’re the ones that were highly anticipated, but which failed to meet expectations.Our countdown includes “The Lion King” (2019), “Rambo: Last Blood” (2019) & “Glass” (2019) Which movie released in 2019 did YOU think was most disappointing? Let us know in the comments!... Read More

Another 10 Dark Stories Behind Children’s Toys

More cherished childhood memories right out the window! For this list, we’ll be looking at even popular kids toys/products, as the companies that produced them, that have a dark chapter in their history. Our countdown includes poisonous toys, Super Soakers and of course, Tickle-Me Elmo. Did your favorite Creepy Toy Story make the list? Let us know in the comments!... Read More

The Rise of Skywalker – HISHE Review (SPOILERS)

After viewing Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker, Daniel from How It Should Have Ended shares his thoughts on the film. There are spoilers here so beware of your viewing and comment scrolling.
#StarWars #TheRiseofSkywalker #HISHE
It’s going to be a little while before the official Rise of Skywalker HISHE is complete. But don’t worry we are building it! Until then, click the bell for notifications so you wont miss it! Thanks for watching!... Read More