Halloween Candy Hacks

Don’t just eat your Halloween candy! Hack it into even tastier creations with our help! GMM #1212
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Enter Jeremy Fragrance Review Contest Round 2
1 Post a Fragrance Related Video on Youtube (1-10 Minutes Long)
2 Video Title must be
“Jeremy Fragrance Review Contest *yourchannel”
3 Announce it in the Video that you Enter the Contest, that you take part in it.
Deadline for Video Submission: 28th of November
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Super Mario Odyssey – Before You Buy

Super Mario Odyssey is the most hyped Mario game in a very long time. It’s a huge title not just for Nintendo, but for gaming. Mario is often looked at as the benchmark – sometimes fairly sometimes not. So does Odyssey live up to the expectations?... Read More

Guess That Real Life Scream (GAME)

Can we guess what caused each of these hair-raising human screams or will we be screaming when we hear the right answer? GMM #1211
Go Roast a Ghost with Jen & John! http://bit.ly/HHN2017Exp
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