OEMs and NISMOs with Jessi Lang! Plus the 370Z Challenge – 2015 SEMA Week Ep. 2

Day 2 of 2015 SEMA Week Powered by Nissan is all about Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) with Motor Trend and The J-Turn host, Jessi Lang. Over the last decade, OEM representation at the show has steadily increased, and for good reason, as SEMA not only lends insight into the trends that drive demand, but also serves as an anything-goes playground where OEMs can connect with the aftermarket, and let loose. Jessi walks the floor in search of the coolest OEM pieces, checking a new performance package for the Nissan GTR Nismo. Then she heads outside for a ride along that would make any car enthusiast jealous, shotgun in a Roush Mustang with Justin Pawlak at the wheel. After a few hours of walking around the convention, Jessi meets up with her co-hosts for her day’s challenge. At the Las Vegas Motor Sports park she has arranged a timed race with a new Nissan 370Z Nismo. ... Read More

5 Dumbest Zoo Animal Encounters

Sometimes people just want to hang out with wild animals. GMM #813!
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