The All-American Burger | #BeatMyBurger ep.4

All conjured up for Chester See… A soft brioche bun, glazed with maple and finished with bacon crumb holds the all American burger. 100% home-ground beef seasoned with salt and pepper is shaped into a 1/2 pounder, and topped with a duo of molten and oozing Monterey Jack and blue cheese as well as three rashers of crispy streaky bacon. All this is cleverly balanced out by fresh raw red onion rings, oak leaf lettuce and lashings of homemade tangy and sour chive ranch dressing. To hold it together it’s spiked with a skewer, but not any old skewer, one laden with 3 crispy, golden southern fried peppers.... Read More

Minecraft Diversity 2 – جزء الطيييحه

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The Thermal Map of Exoplanet WASP 43b

Located 260 light-years away, exoplanet WASP-43b is no place to call home. It is a world of extremes, where seething winds howl at the speed of sound from a 3,000-degree-Fahrenheit day side, hot enough to melt steel, to a pitch-black night side with plunging temperatures below 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. The Hubble Space Telescope has been used to make the most detailed global map yet of the thermal glow from this turbulent world. The astronomers were also able to map temperatures at different layers of the world’s atmosphere and traced the amount and distribution of water vapor. The Jupiter-sized planet lies so close to its orange dwarf host star that it completes an orbit in just 19 hours. The planet is also gravitationally locked so that it keeps one hemisphere facing the star.... Read More