Worms Revolution Developer Diary No. 1

In this first Worms Revolution Developer Diary video, Kevin Carthew, lead designer on Worms Revolution, is put on the hot seat to answer a few questions about the Worms series. One can only assume if he gets any answers wrong, an army of worms will be set loose on him and he will be digested to death.... Read More

Introducing Google+ Events

Google+ Events allows you to have all of your guests instantly upload their event pictures to one album. You can also create personalized invitations and more. Create an event today.
http://google.com/+/learnmore/events... Read More


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This creamy and light strawberry mousse is simple and one of our favourite fruit puddings.
A hassle free dessert that you can make the day before and bung in the fridge until needed… better still, it’s fluffy mousse that doesn’t use gelatin.... Read More