15 Versions Of Venom More Powerful Than Tom Hardy’s

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So many Venoms, so little time. But just enough to go through these fifteen most powerful Venoms in the history of Marvel comics. Since the symbiote species first appeared following Spider-Man’s adventures in the Secret Wars, the creature’s got around. It’s taken over and cohabitated the bodies of many of our favorite heroes and villains. While the symbiote has enhanced and added to the abilities of super-powered individuals and normal people alike, it’s had the biggest impact on the characters you’re about to see on this list. When you get down to it, Venom’s a weird and different kind of villain – it takes the shape of whatever body it inhabits and it actually enhances the senses of the characters it possesses.

Beyond the symbiotic suit that changed Spider-man’s life and was shown in the comics, many of the classic Spider-Man cartoon shows, and controversially immortalized in Spider-Man 3 – we’re going to dig deep into the back stories of many other favorites of whom you may or may not be aware. There’s Red Hulk/Ghost Rider Venom, Hulk Venom, Venom Thor, Old Man Logan Venom, Guardians of the Galaxy Venoms (Groot, Drax, Rocket), Symbiote President Norman Osborne, Venompool, Venomsaurus Rex (Devil Dinosaur), Venom 2099, Punisher Venom, Scorpion Venom (Mac Gargan), Maniac Venom, Agent Venom. Are they all as powerful as Eddie Brock venom and do their stories match up to what the tale spun by the Venom movie? Join ScreenRant and watch this video to find out for sure!


Entry 1 – Eddie Brock Venom
Entry 2 – Red Hulk/Ghost Rider Venom
Entry 3 – Hulk Venom
Entry 4 – Venom Thor
Entry 5 – Old Man Logan Venom
Entry 6 – Guardians of the Galaxy Venoms (Groot, Drax, Rocket)
Entry 7 – Symbiote President Norman Osborne
Entry 8 – Venompool
Entry 9 – Venomsaurus Rex (Devil Dinosaur)
Entry 10 – Venom 2099
Entry 11 – Punisher Venom
Entry 12 – Scorpion Venom (Mac Gargan)
Entry 13 – Maniac Venom
Entry 14 – Agent Venom
Entry 15 – Spider-Man Venom

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