10 Secret Superpowers You Didn’t Know Venom Had

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Sony’s Venom movie is in theatres right now and Tom Hardy’s version of the character is showing off his super-strength, speed, agility and durability.

But did you know Venom has displayed a much larger array of superpowers in Marvel’s Comic books and in other media?

In this video, we’ll run you through just some of the lesser known superpowers you didn’t know Venom had.

The superpowers in question are; his shapeshifting ability (which includes camouflage, the ability to look like any human, transforming into a car, creating a giant mouth on his torso, and transforming into a humanoid form even without a host), his immunity to certain powers (such as Spider-Man’s Spider-sense and Ghost Rider’s Penance Stare), his ability to secrete acid through his skin, his bizarre ability to emulate water (which allows him to breathe under it), his ability to suppress any cancers in his human hosts, his ability to hear “the voice of the cosmos” (which, for example, allows him to respond to distress signals in space), his ability to access the internet (quite literally – we don’t just mean he can log on via his laptop), his super-teeth that enable him to bite through almost anything and are venomous, his ability to shoot off certain parts of his body, and his ability to clone the powers of other superpowered characters.

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1. Shapeshifting
2. Immunity to certain powers
3. Acid secretion
4. Emulating water
5. Cancer suppression
6. The voice of the cosmos
7. Internet access
8. Super-teeth
9. Shooting off parts of itself
10. Power cloning

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