10 Hidden Details In Solo: A Star Wars Story You Totally Missed

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Spoiler alert! Solo: A Star Wars Story is out in cinemas and has proven to be quite the fun adventure film it was promised to be. Full of swagger and charm, Solo is also full of tiny details you likely never caught in your first viewing. For instance, did you know who Beckett was talking about when he and Lando mentioned Aurra Sing? What about when Val and Beckett name dropped Bossk? Both these characters have deep roots in the Star Wars canon. Lando makes a casual reference to his dislike of mines, but if you really know Lando, you’ll know why this line is extremely ironic. The film also takes a subtle jab at the infamous “Han Shot First” incident, setting the record straight. Lando is a man of many outfits and costumes, but one such outfit that was used has previously been seen on the big screen before. There was also a slew of cameos in the film, including one from Star Wars fan favorite Antony Daniels, who wasn’t playing C 3P0 in this film! Enfys Nest and the Cloud Rider gang also have ties to the old Expanded Universe of Star Wars, which is the timeline pre-Disney acquisition. Jon Favreau is a supporting character in the film but this isn’t the first time he’s voiced a character in the Star Wars universe. The film also sets up the future, talking about a big shot gangster on the planet Tatooine. Wonder who that could be, eh? The film also makes a huge surprise cameo towards the end and if you kept your eyes open, the film actually teased his arrival much earlier on.


Entry 1 Second Rodeo
Entry 2 Cloud Riders
Entry 3 Business Partners
Entry 4 Cameos!
Entry 5 Mining Future
Entry 6 Aurra Sing
Entry 7 Useful Wardrobe
Entry 8 Setting Up The Future
Entry 9 Shot First
Entry 10 Dark Foreshadowing

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