10 Crazy Actors Nobody Wants To Work With

Here are 10 actors who are notoriously difficult to be on set with!
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It’s said that actors are a fickle, sensitive bunch. Some with varying levels of devotion to their craft. Because they’re constantly trying on new personalities, it’s not unusual for the person underneath to get a little weird over time. Wether it’s because of method acting, self-righteousness, or just plain old bad manners, here are Screen Rant’s 10 Actors No One Wants to Work With.

Script by: L. Adams

Voice Over by: Rob Flis @Rob_Flis

Christian Bale | 0:25
Harrison Ford | 0:58
Gwyneth Paltrow | 1:33
Russel Crowe | 2:07
Terrence Howard | 2:43
Shia Labeouf | 3:21
January Jones | 4:00
Katherine Heigl | 4:31
Megan Fox | 5:07
Jared Leto | 5:38

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