► WTF Is… – Star Wars: Battlefront ?

TotalBiscuit takes a look at the recently released first/third person shooter from EA/DICE.

Addressing a few inaccuracies in my commentary.
1) When I state that fighters can’t slow down to attack ground attacks effectively what I should have said was, can’t slow down ENOUGH. You can of course change your speed in a fighter.
2) When I state that the other maps are repurposed versions of the 4 Walker Assault maps, that is misleading. They use the same tileset, assets and some areas are the same. They are not literally carbon copies of each other. Walker Assault however does only have 4 maps and its my genuine belief that this is the only really worthwhile game-mode.
3) When I stated that singleplayer would not help your progression, I should have been clear by saying that it would not give you experience, which is true. You can earn credits in the singleplayer, just as you can in the companion app, but you cannot progress your level, which is what I consider to be “progression”.
4) It is worth noting that while I started with the DL-44 which is arguably the best gun in the game, this is a digital deluxe edition bonus and actually requires a fairly high rank to unlock otherwise. It slipped my mind to mention this, as I’d forgotten that I bought the digital deluxe edition in the first place.

Get it here: http://bit.ly/1llaQzc

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