RECAP RAPS – The Spider-Man Trilogy in 4 Minutes

In time for Spiderman Homecoming, here’s the epic Spider-Man Trilogy retold via Recap Rap!
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Recap Raps – Spiderman Trilogy in 4 Minutes

Before you go see Tom Holland as everybody’s favorite web slinging superhero in the Spider-Man Homecoming movie, let us take you back to before even Andrew Garfield, to when Sam Raimi and his Peter Parker counterpart, Tobey Maguire, helmed the spidey franchise together in the original Spiderman trilogy. We’ll take you back through the Spiderman movies that started it all, with characters like mary jane, harry osbourne, green goblin, doc oc, venom, sandman, and more.

Recap Raps is a music comedy series where we summarize your favorite pop culture movies and tv shows into a funny short and delectable rap song!

Written by Ryan Tellez and Brian Fisher

Performed by Ryan Tellez

Chorus sung by Brian Fisher

Music Produced by Peter De Leon

Edited by Chance Cole

VFX Titles by Robert Holtby

Produced by Brian Fisher

– The Warp Zone –
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