Make a Solar Cooking Frame for Cheap (Fresnel Lens Frame)

Here’s a way to frame your Solar Scorcher (Fresnel Lens) in under an hour, and for less than $8!! This design for a custom “Scorcher Frame” is easy to use, and incredibly cheap to make!

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Project History & More Info:

My 4 foot magnifying lens needed a sturdy frame. I got this Fresnel lens out of an old TV in a previous video, but it’s too flimsy to use on it’s own.

I wanted something that’s cheap to make, but sturdy and easy to use. This is an idea I had that seems to work!

The lens can be rotated nearly 360 degrees, but also with the benefit of being able to position, and tighten it securely at any angle you want.

I’m happy with the look, and it totally exceeded my expectations for functionality and practical use. The best part is the whole thing can be made custom for about $8!