Game of Thrones Theory: Tyrion Will Betray Daenerys In Season 8

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Season 8 of Game of Thrones will unfortunately be the last we spend with characters like Daenerys, Tyrion, Jamie and Arya, but as we inch towards it’s April premiere, the fan theories begin flooding the internet. The last season had it’s run in 2017, so there’s been quite a lot of time to sit and ponder what could possible happen in the final season. One of the more enticing theories is that Tyrion Lannister, currently the Hand of the Queen and key advisor to Daenerys Targaryen will actually betray her at some point this season. Despite getting along quite well in season 6, the events of season 7 were not kind to Dany. She began her conquest of Westeros with much bloodshed and violence, which isn’t the best of ways to win over the people. She’s doing in with the mindset that she’s the rightful ruler and is simply reclaiming her throne. But Tyrion sees the chaos she ensures and is visibly shaken up by the fiery hell she leaves in her wake. Furthermore, many of the decisions Tyrion makes leads to suffering and bloodshed, such as suggestion to help Jon in the north, which cost her one of her dragons. So Tyrion is being cast aside for Jon, his love unrequited and his advice no longer as welcome. As this goes on, he may learn that Jon has a better claim to the throne and is probably a better fit for the throne. Dany may also come between him and Jaime Lannister, to whom Tyrion owes a debt to. Cersei also seems to be manipulation Tyrion, intentionally revealing to Tyrion that she’s pregnant, an opportunity to continue the proud Lannister name. All of these situations may be enough for Tyrion to reconsider his place in this war.

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