Avengers: Endgame Confirms Thanos Failed His Mission

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Audiences left Avengers: Infinity War with their jaws on the floor. The biggest problem in the MCU has arguably been their villains and the fact that the heroes always won. That all changed when Thanos collected all six Infinity Stones and wiped out half the universe. Why did he do this? For the greater good, or so he kept telling himself. The way he saw it, the number of people vastly outweighed the number of resources and civilizations around the cosmos were on a path that would end in ruin and despair, much like his homeworld of Titan. But unlike manually wiping out a planet’s population, such as Gamora’s homeworld, the Decimation wiped out half of everything. People, plants, animals. Nothing was spared. As such, the ratio of people to resources remained the same. In fact, things actually got worse, as all the destruction and dependency threw the balance way off. In the Superbowl teaser, we saw that Earth is a husk of its former self, living in darkness and despair. Thanos’ vision for a utopian future is actually met with a dystopian present. For all his sacrifice and bloodshed, it seems that Thanos actually failed in his mission and caused way more harm than he initially planned on doing. What’s worse, is that no one was ultimately saved. Will Thanos see the error of his ways and help the Avengers undo what was done, or is he blinded by his bias and will refuse to see things from any other point of view, regardless of the outcome. We’ll have to watch Endgame to find out!

Script by Sean Gallagher

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