Behind Motor Trend’s Testing! Plus Bentley Performance & Subaru Safari – Wide Open Throttle Ep. 75

On this episode of Wide Open Throttle the crew sits down to discuss how Motor Trend tests their vehicles and what each test can tell about a car. Also on the agenda is Bentley’s performance version of the Continental, the GT Speed and the GT3. Epic Drives host Arthur St. Antoine is also on the panel to discuss his latest episode in which they went searching for the elusive White Rhino in South Africa.... Read More

#صاحي : ” وش تحس بوه ” 7

موقع صاحي يقدم الحلقة السابعة من برنامج “وش تحس بوه”والذي يسلط الضوء على بعض الأفعال والتصرفات التي تصدر من المجتمع رجالاً ونسائاً بكافة الأعمار, من تقديم حمد ناصر وإخراج سامي سعود... Read More